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Mother's Day Harmony Collection

The doTERRA Harmony Aroma Handcraft Collection features three unique essential oils: Green Mandarin, Pink Pepper, and Star Anise. Combine these oils in one of more than 30 blend recipes to create your own signature scent. The expert tips and tricks throughout the included recipe book will guide you as you take the journey of becoming and essential oil aroma connoisseur.

This kit includes:

• 5mL Green Mandarin

• 5mL Pink Pepper

• 5mL Star Anise

• 10 pipettes

• 2 empty 10mL roller bottles

• Recipe booklet with write-on labels

Pink Pepper

• Promotes feelings of alertness when diffused or inhaled.

• May help calm and soothe the nervous system when taken internally.

• May help promote healthy cellular immune function and response.

Learn more about Pink Pepper HERE.

Star Anise

• Supports healthy digestion when taken internally.

• Take 1-2 drops internally to promote relaxed feelings.

• Provides an emotionally balancing and grounding aroma.

Learn more about Star Anise HERE.

Green Mandarin

• Can be used as a food preservative.

• Dilute it in a spray bottle to clean the surfaces of your kitchen.

• Incorporate into your oral hygiene routine to promote healthy-looking teeth.

• Take internally to support healthy nervous, digestive, and respiratory systems and healthy immune function and response.

Learn more about Green Mandarin HERE.

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